Posted on 2010-08-10

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ManiacallyChallenged Kodacus Momentus
Posted on 2010-08-10 at 11:58:11
This is somewhat inspired by an ancient inside joke. Not even kidding, back when Kodak was relevant for something besides it's pointless and invasive "Easy Share." Back when I was in 3rd grade.

So, if you're reading this Chris, hello! How did you find me?

To everyone else, enjoy another pessimistic thought from the pen that brought you used condoms at the same time it introduced the female element. Whoo hoo.

User: ManiacallyChallengedPosted on 2010-08-10 at 23:40:05
My favorite part about drawing comics is that I can come back to them later in the day and notice that I made like 10 typos and forgot to draw all the faces.

Error log:
1. Title reads "2! MINUTES! TO FAILURE!" on the top, which is totally right, and "...FROM FAILURE!" on the bottom, which is pretty much the worst thing that happened to me today.

2. For some reason the guy in the last panel thinks with punctuation at the end of his sentences, but in this terrifying alternate reality, people do not speak with them.

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